Sourcewell Contract

VariTech Industries, Inc. is proud to be awarded a national cooperative contract through Sourcewell.

Sourcewell Contract

The Sourcewell awarded Contract #031423-VAR for VariTech Industries, Inc. includes discounted pricing for Salt Brine Production and Storage Systems, including:

  • Salt brine production systems
  • Automated brine production
  • Automated chemical blending station
  • Single & double wall storage tanks
  • Liquid transfer pumps
  • Smart transfer & tank management systems
  • Truck-mounted application systems
  • Trailer-mounted anti-icing system
  • Critical spot sprayer
  • Anti-sloshing equipment
  • Application controllers

What is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a national cooperative government partner that focuses on your success by giving you a less complicated way to purchase what you need. By handling the competitive bid process for you, Sourcewell enables you to satisfy local bid requirements quickly and effectively. Sourcewell Members can save both time and money by purchasing from the competitively solicited contracts.

The Sourcewell Advantage Video

Sourcewell Benefits

§  Gain access to numerous suppliers of trusted brands

§  Reduce the procurement process

§  Select nationally acclaimed companies under contract

§  Enjoy purchasing power of 60,000 members

§  Join one of the largest government purchasing cooperatives in the country

§  Servicing its members for over 40 years

§  Membership is FREE and easy with no obligation!


To purchase off our contract or for questions regarding products and pricing, please contact us at: