Salt Brine Production Unit, Stainless Steel, Model HCSB1400-SS

The Stainless Steel Salt Brine Production unit is constructed in two-parts. Intended to be used as a generator of quality salt brine. The brine is then used as a pre-wetting, anti-icing, and/or a de-icing agent on pavement or roadways for the municipal and highway markets, as well as for the treatment of commercial parking lots.

With an on-board brine storage capacity of 1,400 gallons and brine manufacturing capabilities of up to 5,000 gallons/hour. This brine production system may be used in all applications, including bulk storage. The up-flow design allows the HCSB1400-SS to generate a purer brine with consistent salinity that cannot be matched.

Model HCSB1400-SS is also available with an optional incorporated equipment coupler attachment (shown in photo). This coupler works well for fast and simple clean out of any residual debris from the salt hopper and allows for ease in moving of the unit using a front-end loader with an equipment coupler.

Economical Salt Brine Production
Uses rock salt and water to product salt brine for as little as five cents per gallon.

Reduced Salt Brine Storage Requirements
Produce up to 5,000 gallons per hour with 1,400 gallon on-board brine storage.

Full Range Salinity Adjustments
Easily produce salt brine to the exact specific gravity needed.

Tethered Remote Pump Switch
Control unloading system on/off from up to 25 feet away.

Integrated Ground Fault Protection
Electric shock and overload protection.

On-Board Storage Overflow Protection
Automated fill switch for shut-off when storage is full in continuous throughput production.

(Optional) Equipment Coupler Attachment
Faster simpler clean out, unloading, and movement of the salt hopper.