Framemount Liquid Application Tanks

Our Framemount series of tanks offer a simple solution for adding liquid to mobile vehicles. The tanks round design offers greater strength than conventional square and rectangle tanks, less bulging and greater stability. The Framemount series of tanks come standard with the mounting system offering a variety of options for both hydraulic and electric pump drives. Available in 35, 65 and 100 gallon capacities.

Extra-Heavy Duty Tank
Able to accurately apply high specific gravity liquids.

High Density Polyethylene U.V. Polyethylene Stabilized Plastic
Exceptional protection from sun deterioration for extended life.

Extra Large 5" Vented Fill Cap
Allows easy access to tank for maintenance, service and top filling.

Splash Proof Vent
Prevents spilling associated with liquid sloshing.

Optional Stainless Steel of Powder Coated Carrier
Pre-engineered mounting system fits most popular truck frames.

Stainless Steel Strapping
Corrosion proof for reduced maintenance and longer life.

Bulkhead Tank Connections
Service connectors easily without replaceable parts.

Molded Gallon Markers
Easy to read tank levels without electronic measurement.

Suction Filter Cartridge Standard
Protects pump for added life.

Use for Herbicide Application
Use for liquid application year round.