Slide-In, Anti-Icing System

Our anti-icing/de-icing application system is designed to slide into medium and heavy duty dump trucks with an inside box width of 83” or less. This anti-icing trailer system is available with tank capacities ranging from 925 gallons up to 3400 gallons, and come standard with a galvanized steel frame and glass filled polypropylene fittings for years of dependable use. The self-loading leg kit, Tank Tamer system, and automatic rate controllers can all be added to make this a truly turn-key package.

Able to accurately apply high specific gravity liquids.

optional tank baffling
Improved vehicle stability with less material movement.

Flanged Tank Fittings
Fast and easy maintenance of worn or damaged fittings.

Available in 1, 2 or 3 Lane stainless Spray Booms
Apply individually or simultaneously up to three lanes.

galvanized Steel Frame
Ensures long service life with high use applications.

Hydraulic or Gas Driven Centrifugal Pump
Application flexibility for your specific system needs.

Molded Gallon Markers
Easy to read tank levels without electronic measurement.

Optional Electronic Flow Meter
Accurately measures dispersed material with the use of a closed-loop spreader control.

Optional Self-LOADING Legs
Easier loading and unloading. Provides an excellent means of off-season storage.

Optional Automatic Rate Controllers