The 5100ex spreader controller by FORCE America, Inc. is a powerful brine spreader control delivering enormous functionality within a compact design. It is a commanding solution for winter maintenance professionals to spread material with precision and simplicity.

Manual, open and closed loop controller capabilities
Allows for accurate application of granular and liquid de-icing materials.

Optional integrated control for the plow and hoist operation

Ergonomic, compact design for comfortable operation
Right-hand location of controls offer an unobstructed view of the LCD screen.

Protective casing surround control knobs
Prevents unintentional use and damage to the knobs.

Bright, bold color LCD touchscreen
Ideal for calibration and configuration options.

Backlit rocker switches
Provides easy viewing at all times.

Interlock for use of critical functions
Avoid inadvertent operation of critical functions.

Fully adjustable mounting options
Allows for simple, customizable installation.

Built-in USB port for data retrieval and firmware upgrades