Tank Tamers

Our Tank Tamers are brine baffle balls for use in large mobile liquid tanks to control liquid surges in every direction. Tank Tamers increase the stability of the vehicle by reducing the sloshing associated with vehicle movement. Tank Tamers are easily assembled and can be added to any liquid tank with a 16" or larger man-way.

Complete Tank Baffling
Eliminate brine fluid sloshing for increased driver safety.

Injection Molded
Debris associated with drilled holes is eliminated.

Improve Safety
100% Multi-directional baffling system reduces potential for unintended vehicle movement.

Increased Vehicle Life Expectancy
Reduced payload movement reduces wear and tear on vehicle.

Extra-heavy Duty Construction
Withstands movement of high specific gravity liquids.

Self-Locking Snap Assemblies
Easily assembled without additional parts that can rust and break.

Field Removable
Tank Tamers can be removed for tank cleaning or maintenance.

Reduced Driver Fatigue
Stabilizes liquid material improving driver comfort.

U.V. Stabilized Plastic
Prevents plastic from becoming brittle and adds to the life expectancy.

Note : Number of Tank Tamers needed equals Tank capacity (in gallons) / 13