The Blend BossTM is a stand-alone chemical blending station that will allow for up to a three product in-line blend of nearly all liquid de-icing chemicals. This groundbreaking unit can be installed with any new or existing tank farm. Quick and accurate volume based brine blending can now be accomplished at this station with the touch of a button.

All plumbing components are enclosed in a stainless steel enclosure with a rugged, galvanized steel base. The control panel and remote fill pendant are enclosed in NEMA rated enclosure to withstand the harshest winter environments.

Three Product Volumetric Blending
Ability to make “hot-mix” blends using nearly any de-icing chemical.

On-the-Fly Adjustability
Make changes to your blend before or during a storm depending on precipitation and temperate changes.

Inline Blending
Fill the truck as needed – no need to store a premixed blend in a storage tank prior to an event. This also eliminates the “layering” effect associated with a manual filling process.

Password Protection
Prevents any unauthorized changes to blending target rates.

Closed Loop Control
Ensures fast, efficient blending with an automatic shutdown once the target gallonage has been met.

Storage Tank Recirculation
Allows for off-season recirculation of tank farm to prevent material settling.

Stainless Steel Pump Head
Corrosion resistant material needed for transferring abrasive materials used in anti-icing applications.

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), Thermally Protected Motors
Available in 115/230 volt.

Pre-Wired On/Off Control
Ready for use by simply supplying power.

EPDM Wire Reinforced Hose
Prevents kinks and hose collapse for added system reliability.